On November 24, 2014 at 1 PM EST We Launch
(Pre-Launch Starts Nov 14) Jeff Mills’ “Social Profit Academy”
Earn $250 or more in INSTANT COMMISSIONS!

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Nov. 24, 2014
1 pm EST

8 Reasons to Become an Affiliate

Earn Up to $250 Per Sale!

Jeff is using Zaxaa so you can earn INSTANT PAY on every sale! That’s right… Once the sale is made – you’re instantly paid!

Proven, Experienced Vendor

As you already know… Jeff has worked hard building his positive reputation over the last 10 years in the “IM” industry… He has made MILLIONS of dollars selling products and services mainly through YOUR Affiliate offers getting behind a ton of product launches and webinars. Now it’s time to stand behind Jeff with his epic launch!

Between 5% – 10% Refund Rate

Social Profit Academy is expected to have an extremely LOW refund rate (less than 5%!). To date, Social Profit Academy has sold more than 200 units to an exclusive and private group of people that paid full price for the course. With every launch, you can expect refunds. The one thing we can guarantee is our team will be working hard in satisfying every client to insure nothing but high retention rates.

Smoking HOT Niche Market

Facebook Ads + T-Shirt Marketing is where it is at right now in the IM industry… And further more Jeff, has produced over a half a million dollars in sales with his proven methods making this even more highly sought after! He even has students with BIG results producing social proof.

Great Sales Funnel

This is the first time Social Profit Academy will be sold to the public! We moved 200 units in a short period of time to an exclusive group of paid members. We set up this sales funnel to insure only the highest conversion rates with big instant payouts on with upsells and downsells!

Huge Prizes for Top Performers

Jeff and Ryan are giving away more than $25,000 in JV cash and prizes!! So be ready to collect and mail hard, line up webinars and Google Hangouts!

Up To 50% Instant Commission Payouts

Just like JVZoo – You are paid out INSTANTLY! Once the the buyer hits the “confirm” button in the shopping cart – you’re instantly paid out to your Paypal Account!

Top-Notch Customer Support

Jeff’s ‘7 Figure Team’ goes beyond the call of duty to make sure every customer is happy and satisfied – this also insure low refund rates and happy client experiences! 😉

Launch Calendar Dates

Social Proof that Social Profit Academy Works…
Over $287,648.14 in Commissions in 10 months!

Social Profit Academy

This launch is “the launch” to promote… Our Goal is nothing less than a $1 Million Dollar launch in 14 days. We’re doing INSTANT PAY (like JV Zoo). So when you make a sale – you instantly see it paid out to you in your Paypal account. People can also buy through our Authorize.net setup, and you’ll get paid either way but if they don’t use PayPal, we cannot use Instant Pay. Ryan Allaire is heading up the launch with Jeff as the “Launch Manager”. Ryan has had the pleasure of working with other top marketers producing multiple 7 figure launches and he is looking to make Social Profit Academy the best launch yet with over $1 Million in sales! We’d love your support to help us out. That’s only 2000 units being sold! Jeff is paying out over $25,000 in CASH payouts and Prizes to the top performers. They want this to be the best launch for everyone, closing out 2014 with a BANG – and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure nothing but HUGE conversions and BIG payouts takes place for everyone involved!

So… You might be wondering, “What is Social Profit Academy?”

And that’s a good question! So please, let me explain…

In laymen terms Social Profit Academy is an intensive training on FB Marketing using Paid Ads to sell anything inside the Facebook Newsfeed. Jeff has a proven 8 step system that complete newbies are using to receive 5 figure payouts on the offers they are promoting through Facebook. Why should people listen to Jeff? Well, in 10 months, he’s sold over a $500,000 worth of products through the newsfeed on Facebook and got to keep about $244,000 of that. He teaches people how they can get off the ground producing profits using Facebook Ads to sell TShirts. Tshirts are still a very very hot seller using Facebook ads. And yes, we know there has been many tshirt courses sold this past year, but none of them have a mentor and coach that has sold over $500,000 in shirts, nor the multiple success stories that Jeff’s students have, using his course. Inside the Social Profit Academy course are 3 courses.

The first course is the 8 step Method for selling anything using Facebook Ads. The 2nd Course is called TeeMills which has 15 modules, teaching people how to launch their own Tshirt businesses without ever touching, shipping, printing or seeing a tshirt. It’s a completely hands off system that newbies are having success with, who have never done anything like this before. The 3rd course is called Social Profit Funnels, and this course teaches that you can still make money off the Facebook newsfeed with pages with lots of followers and “likes” and teaches how to autopopulate and curate other people’s content legally and ethically in to your own fan pages. Just in the last 3 months of testing, Jeff has produced $4200 in PASSIVE INCOME (no work) using the Social Profit Funnels system and has built up over 525,000 fans in 12 days across all his pages and he shows people how to outsource 100% of this effort! Also, inside the Social Profit Academy are dozens of live interviews with “Show & Tell” case studies, bonus monetization trainings for Local Businesses and people who want to promote their MLMs on Facebook, and explicit over the shoulder training, showing people a “reverse engineers look” at his and others successful campaigns, so they can duplicate the success from his teachings. This is really quite the spectacular product!

Jeff teaches how to gather a target the right targeted audiences using FB Ads, then he shows how to providing that targeted audience with what they’re wanting (your product, your webinar, your tshirt, your affiliate or CPA offer) while making money throughout the whole process. And these aren’t methods that the “FB Marketing gurus” have already taught… a matter of fact we don’t know anyone teaching these exact methods! Jeff is going to show his exact 8 Step System and campaigns that pulled in 6 figures this past year!

This is the perfect product for anyone with a list of prospects wanting to learn effective ways to market online and making huge amounts of money doing so!

A Proven “INSTANT” High-Paying Sales Funnel

Jeff has a high converting Sales Funnel in place for this launch! You will be paid out on the entire sales funnel…

Front End Sale: Social Prorit Academy, cost: $497 – INSTANT Payout of 50% which equals $250 Also a 2 Pay option of $297 then $297 30 days later, pays instant pay on both!

First Upsell: Targeting Mills, cost: $97 INSTANT Payout of 42% which equals $40

Second Upsell: “1 on 1 Weekly Coaching with Jeff”, cost: $297 monthly with INSTANT RESIDUAL Payout of 42% which equals $125 – Remember, this upsell is an INSTANT RESIDUAL PAYOUT – so every month you’ll be earning $125 as long as they keep getting the coaching!! No need to beg for commissions cause it happens AUTOMATICALLY!

1st Down Sale: TeeMills Tshirt Course, cost: $97 INSTANT Payout of 42% equals $40 – then if customer leaves the page from this offer we’ll do a DROP a $30 discount and go with $67 offer. You get the INSTANT Payout of 50% still equaling $35. After the buyer sees the $67 OTO we’ll then offer Targeting Mills for $97. If they say no to that, then we offer an OTO at the cost of $67, – paying YOU an INSTANT Payout of 50% which equals $35.

Second Down Sale: “1 on 1 Monthly Coaching with Jeff”, the cost is $97 with an INSTANT RESIDUAL PAYOUT of 42% which equals $40 to you per month!

When your buyer goes through the entire Sales Funnel (which a nice percentage of the buyers will…) You’ll have a potential earnings of $415 per sale! Hows that for INSTANT affiliate payouts!

We want this to be as profitable as possible for you!


Become a Social Profit Academy Affiliate Now!

Private Promotions/Webinars

If you have considerable influence in our market and can drive large volumes of traffic to our offer then we’d love to get together with you on a webinar or help you to setup your own custom promotion tailored to your traffic source. Jeff will do private webinars if you can get 300 registrations and 100 to show up on a live webinar. Jeff is a webinar master, having performed over 400 webinars and generating over $2 million in sales just from webinars alone!

Use the registration box at the top of this page or below to get on board and then you can get your affilite links, plus then we can keep you updated on the launch, the contest and with any announcements.

We look forward to having you participate in our Social Profit Academy Launch!

If you have any questions feel free to call, skype, or email Ryan!
Skype: Ryan.Allaire
Cell: (715) 222 – 6776
Email: Ryan@SocialProfitAcademy.com